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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Rob Jolles
Jim and Robert talk about thinking creatively in order to increase your sales.
Josh Costell
Josh joins Jim to talk about the simple keys to successful selling.
Brad Huisken
Jim and Brad talk about strategies for developing personal trade and repeat customers.
Skip Miller
Skip joins Jim and explains that "sales" is not a dirty word and how you are always selling something.
Josh Costell
Jim and Josh talk about selling being a science, not an art.
Steve Chandler
Jim and Steve talk about how to get your attitude right in order to be successful.
Mike Stewart
Mike joins Jim and gives some ideas on how to compete with big corporations through your sales strategy.
Jim and Alan talk about how to put the fun back in to your selling process.
Jim and Jack give some tips on improving your organization's sales performance.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don talk about how to use your services to make your customers loyal.

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