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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Jim and Jack discuss what to do proactively in your sales strategy to have a good new year.
Jeffrey joins Jim to help small business owners transition into a new century of selling.
Josh Costell
Josh joins Jim to explain what should be the purpose of a first-meeting sales call and why the customer should set the agenda.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don discuss how to make sure, as a sales person, your customers feel good and how to deliver what they need.
Skip Miller
Jim and Skip discuss Making your sales team work for you.
Mike Stewart
Jim and Mike discuss how small business owners can handle going through changes.
Robert joins Jim to explain how the mastery of sales and sales management depends on your ability to respond to change.
Josh Costell
Jim and Josh discuss cold calling and how it is changing because of new technology.
Rob Jolles
Robert joins Jim to give some information on how a seminar can work for your organization.
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to talk about developing personal trade and repeat customers.

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