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Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals how emergency, government stimulus cash can go directly to your small business, why your banker is waiting on you to ask for that help, plus why some of that loan will be forgiven.
Chad Moutray
Chad Moutray joins Jim Blasingame to report on the challenges the U.S. government – the SBA and the Fed – will have in getting emergency cash distributed to Main Street small businesses.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals some of the institutional hurdles the Fed and the SBA will have to jump over in order to get quick emergency cash to Main Street businesses.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen Kerrigan joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how the unprecedented Fed plan to capitalize Main Street businesses during the pandemic would work, and will it keep the funding flowing through the employers, not directly to the employees.
Nick  Mathews
Nick Mathews joins Jim Blasingame to explain why federal bank regulators need to abate their oversight of loan quality as they review bank records so their standards reflect the current financial challenges for small business borrowers.
Anne Zimmerman
Anne Zimmerman joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how small businesses have been treated badly following the 2008 financial crisis, and why this approach must be different in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals six more too-common mistakes business owners make when seeking investor capital, including staging your information sharing from small to large, as requested.
Stephen Moore
Steve Moore joins Jim Blasingame to discuss whether government help for small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic is being applied in an appropriate and helpful way, especially relative to credit issues.
Stephen Moore
Steve Moore joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the Fed’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus and whether its rate cuts and quantitative easing so far has been appropriate.
Leo Haviland
Leo Haviland joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the responses by equity markets to the coronavirus concerns, and whether this scenario has become an excuse to sell off an oversold market.

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