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Floyd Hurt
Floyd talks with Jim about something he calls The Benefit Finder. Floyd believes that salespeople spend too much time focusing on features instead of on benefits. The Benefit Finder is a method of making sure that you know the difference between a feature and a benefit, and therefore become more successful in sales.
Patricia Weber
Pat finishes a short series with Jim about the results of a survey she conducted with her network about some of the most pressing problems salespeople are facing. This visit covers product differentiation, lead generation, prospecting, and qualifying the prospect.
Patricia Weber
Pat talks with Jim about some of the challenges her clients and others in her network are having with selling and customer service, specifically how to deal with rejections, and how to be more successful getting an appointment.
Brad Huisken
Brad and Jim discuss the importance of every member of an organization understanding that they are part of the sales force, and then they discuss how to "own" the customer, including setting goals, understanding the selling cycle, and the arithmetic of selling.
Azriela Jaffe
Azriela joins Jim on the Jewish holiday, Passover, and talks about what Passover means to Jews. After that, they move on to discuss strategies to overcome your fear of rejection, and how to succeed with that information.
Patricia Weber
Jim demonstrates his sensitive side as he talks with Pat about the special problems and opportunities that women find in the marketplace. (Guys, Jim is a professional, don't try this at home).
Patricia Weber
Pat joins Jim to talk about salesmanship, specifically, in the area of persistence. Pat says one of the best ways to be persistent is to assume the attitude that you are a problem solver, and that your assistance is needed by your customers and prospects. Pat says 80% of all new sales are made after the 5th call, but 90% of all salespeople give up before the 5th call. Check out this conversation to find out how to cash in on the "found money" available only to the persistent.

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