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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Michael Hepworth
Mike and Jim talk about why you shouldn't have a singular focus on acquiring new customers. Make sure you're not missing opportunities to grow relationships with existing customers.
Josh Costell
Josh talks with Jim about the importance of focusing in on the customer's long term goals, and what you should do next when you receive that response.
Karen Cortell Reisman
Karen and Jim talk about how to improve your communication skills so you can be more effective in sales.
Don Cooper
Don and Jim talk about how to find out how your customers and prospects will use what you sell, as well as how they feel about owning it, instead of why you think what you sell is so cool.
Josh Costell
Josh and Jim talk about how to build a sense of urgency into your sales presentation without turning your prospects off.
Skip Miller
Skip and Jim talk about how to get your sales force ready for the new year -- do it now, don't wait 'til March!
Brad Huisken
Brad and Jim talk about why small businesses should do a better job of tracking sales activity and how that can translate to more sales, more profits and more success. One specific tip the guys talk about is how to calculate the close ratio.
Derek talks with Jim about the EXCITING world of electric utility transformer diagnostic technology. Well, okay, it might not sound so exciting, but Jim helps Derek make it exciting, and you will find out why what Derek does actually is a very good thing for your small business. He is also a tenant in a business incubator, and he talks about how this environment has helped his business to be successful. This interview is part of Jim's visit to Garrett County, Maryland, a/k/a Deep Creek Maryland, a/k/a Mountain Maryland, where he is broadcasting live for two days, and delivering two keynote speeches at the Our Story Conference.
Mike Stewart
Mike and Jim talk about how to use technology to manage your sales activities, including propecting and even opportunity awareness.
Marty Scirratt
Marty talks with Jim about the job of sales manager and what has to be done to be successful in this assignment.

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