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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Steve Chandler
Jim and Steve talk about some of the 50 powerful ideas to improve your sales.
Jack shares with Jim some ways to improve your organization's sales performance.
Skip Miller
Skip joins Jim to talk about how to come up with ways to motivate your sales people.
Don Cooper
Don joins Jim to discuss marketing and why small business owners are not good at it. They talk about what a critical role marketing is and how small business owners can do to be better at it.
Rob Jolles
Jim and Robert talk about being a travelling speaker and what it entails. They discuss what sales organizations look for in a speaker and sales trainer.
Jim and Jack talk about where to start in terms of developing sales. They discuss why the sales training should start with the owner
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to talk about roleplaying in sales training to improve salesmanship abilities.
Mike Stewart
Mike and Jim compare training salespeople in small businesses and big businesses. Mike explains why training even in hard times is important.
Rob Jolles
Rob talks with Jim about how much science is involved in selling and how little is really art.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don talk about putting fear and selling together and separating them at the same time.

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