3rd Ingredient®

Advice, information and training in the field of economics, business operations and business management.

3RD INGREDIENT® is a fundamental belief system originating with Jim Blasingame.

3RD INGREDIENT® is a line of products and services offered by Jim including a series of books, written articles and publications, and educational materials; advisory services; and consulting/training all in the field of Economics, Business Operations and Business Management.

Please browse the following selection of 3RD INGREDIENT® educational audio products to learn more about Jim’s motivational beliefs, products, and services concerning small business economics and operations; including Jim's exclusive series of 3RD INGREDIENT® shows.

Sarah Sladek
Sarah Sladek joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the management practices that can be used when leading (raising) the younger generation of workers.
Cheryl  Strauss Einhorn
Cheryl Strauss Einhorn joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to conduct the financial due diligence when you’re buying a business by using her AREA method.
Dusty  Staub
Dusty Staub joins Jim Blasingame to report on his recent trip to work with business leaders in Cork, Ireland, and how they’re handling the global economy and the Brexit issue.
Shiv Singh
Shiv Singh joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the role of trust in our life and work, and how to reinstall our analog version of it in our digital lives.
Shiv Singh
Shiv Singh joins Jim Blasingame to discuss what has caused the Post Trust Era, the associated perils therein, and how we recover from it as we continue into the Digital Age.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame encourages young people to follow people whose progressive ideas actually can be defended because the math works, unlike the lies espoused by Ocasio-Cortez.
John Harrison
John Harrison joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the increasing assaults on our privacy from every corner of the digital world, and why we have to take personal responsibility of protecting ourselves, including saying no to some technology.
Gary Sirak
Gary Sirak joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some examples of the compromising condition of the American Dream, including whether the younger generations even have the inclination to dream that way.
Kathleen Allen
Kathleen Allen joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how we’ve lost our connection to the natural way to lead people, as humans, as opposed to leadership that’s devoted to a short-term financial goal.
Cliff Ennico
Cliff Ennico joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the ways AI is producing handy results, but at the same time, may be creating something that doesn’t conform to certain ethical standards.