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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Brad Huisken
Jim and Brad talk about developing personal trade and repeat customers.
Rob Jolles
Jim and Robert talk about making sure that you talk to your customers effectively.
Skip Miller
Jim and Skip explain small business and metrics. They talk about how to use measurable objectives to bring in revenue.
Josh Costell
Josh explains how to create value in your relationships with customers.
Cy shares with Jim some techniques to accelerate sales success in small businesses.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don share how to close a sale without feeling uncomfortable.
Jack and Jim talk about concentrating on finishing business before the new year instead of starting something new.
Mike Stewart
Mike joins Jim to talk about dealing with changes in a time when change is a constant thing.
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to talk about training salespeople like big businesses do to keep customers.
Steve Chandler
Steve joins Jim to continue sharing 50 powerful ideas to improve your sales.

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