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Category: Leadership, Ethics, Trust

Gordon Chang
Gordon Chang joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how the liberty that Americans enjoy is the envy of the world, but it also has the potential to be used against its citizens and our future by other countries and interest groups.
Doug Wead
Doug Wead joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why an objective review of the Trump administration will include a record number of impactful accomplishments, from economic, to Middle East peace, to national security, to the pandemic.
Doug Wead
Doug Wead joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that the reason the establishment in Washington – political, media and Big Tech – declared war on Trump was because he exposed the corruption and collusion between them.
Doug Wead
Doug Wead joins Jim Blasingame to offer his thoughts on the legacy of President Trump, which will be one of energy, optimism, problem solving and accomplishment.
David Rubin
David Rubin joins Jim Blasingame to report on how Israel is likely to behave against Iran if the Biden administration fails to maintain pressure on them to neither acquire or build a nuclear weapon.
Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie Turner joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the disconnect that is the current condition of cancelling ideas that don’t conform to the agenda of the Left, instead of an open and fair debate producing a product that serves best.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals the fact that small business owners have to consciously work to overcome the CEOs Paradox, which is largely getting out of your own way and delegating.
Ramon Ray
Ramon Ray joins Jim Blasingame to discuss whether America is a systemically racist country, and what MLK would think about racial progress in America.
Wally Bock
Wally Bock joins Jim Blasingame to report on a book by Edward Shine about being a humble leader, who are dynamic people who don’t think less of themselves, but who think of themselves less.
Mel Kleiman
Mel Kleiman joins Jim Blasingame to recommend hiring stars who will leverage the corporate culture and are capable of assuming the assignments you’ll have in the future.

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