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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Fabienne Fredrickson
Fabienne joins Jim to share how she can help small business owners acheive success through attracting clients.
Don Cooper
Don and Jim discuss how to make sure that you close the sale and the time is right, including something Don calls “the traffic signals of closing.”
Patricia Weber
Patricia joins Jim to talk about how to identify your challenges and resolve your problems in a short period of time. Patricia also shares some ideas about how to resolve conflicts with co-workers easily.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don discuss the difference between up-selling and add-on selling and how dangerous it is to impose your own values on customers when they're buying from you.
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to share the ten new year's resolutions for sales managers and salespeople.
Rob Jolles
Rob and Jim discuss the importance of role playing in sales training.
Sam Reese
Sam joins Jim to share some classic selling techniques for the 21st century.
Jim and Jack discuss what to do proactively in your sales strategy to have a good new year.
Jeffrey joins Jim to help small business owners transition into a new century of selling.
Josh Costell
Josh joins Jim to explain what should be the purpose of a first-meeting sales call and why the customer should set the agenda.

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