Dianne Legro

Dianne Legro

Dianne Legro is a voice and presentation skills expert. She successfully defines the voice and communication style of professionals who need to lead with influence at work and in their careers, and entrepreneurs who need to grow their business by speaking to others.

No other coach brings the depth, clarity, and insight Dianne brings to her coaching process. Dianne’s work is aimed at helping clients define and develop what it is that makes them unique, to articulate their value and their strengths and to use superior communication skills to grow their business and their career influence.

She offers one on one private sessions in person and by telephone, coaches small groups and teams, and offers corporate speaking success programs and consulting.

Dianne has developed “urgent care” coaching for speakers in a hurry to perform well. She also offers an advanced exclusive executive communications coaching process where she is present for one week to three months at the client’s worksite.

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How important is a first impression? Dianne Legro explains to Jim Blasingame why a good first impression is critical and offers several tips and tools that will help you put your best foot forward when you meet someone for the first time. They also talk about the business benefits of doing public speaking.