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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Josh Costell
Josh and Jim talk about the critical qualifying process in finding real customers for your small business.
Don Cooper
Don and Jim talk about the direct relationship between effective and professional customer service and sales increases. <br></["br"]>
Don joins Jim to talk about how to maximize your chances of success in your new business by being as knowledgeable of the industry and market as possible.
Paul Cherry
Paul joins Jim for the first time to talk about how building relationships with customers is key to successful selling. Paul also shares which dialogue probing questions to ask your customers in order to know what they want so you can make the sale.
Rob Jolles
Rob and Jim begin their visit talking about having faith in yourself and your vision. They go on to talk about how to develop greater mental agility, especially when selling.
Mike Stewart
Mike and Jim talk about how to get your sales people to successfully make the change to the 21st century marketplace.
Al and John join Jim to talk about some of the things that are being done to help small businesses get going again in New Orleans, including what their company, DHL, is doing.
Skip Miller
Skip and Jim talk about three excellent best practices for successful 21st century prospecting.
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to talk about the best (and worst) ways to make a first impression with customers, starting with answering the phone.
Michael Hepworth
Mike and Jim talk about why you shouldn't have a singular focus on acquiring new customers. Make sure you're not missing opportunities to grow relationships with existing customers.

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