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Gleb Tsipursky
Gleb Tsipursky joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that any cognitive bias we may have might be about things external to us, as well as the failure to recognize our own weaknesses, like not delegating enough.
Skip Miller
Skip Miller joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to turn around a person or team that is experiencing poor sales performance by returning to focusing on being relevant to the human on the other side of the desk.
Skip Miller
Skip Miller joins Jim Blasingame to remind that the sales process is like mining for gold, and the treasure you seek is in the heads of prospects and customers, which can’t be extracted if you’re talking and not listening.
Skip Miller
Skip Miller joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the several different factors that have contributed to the erosion of tried-and-true professional sales skills that will always be powerful regardless of how much digital interference we have.
Jim Schreier
Jim Schreier joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how over-using new tech communication platforms, like texting and social media, is harming society and our ability to relate to the human expectation of our customers.
Anne Baum
Anne Corley Baum joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that we all fit certain personality brands, mostly based on our behavior, and why successful leaders are aware of how they come across to others and modify when necessary.
Anne Baum
Anne Baum joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the power of self-analysis to recognize how we come across to others, how that defines our personal brand, and why it’s important for success as a leader.
Ted Fishman
Ted Fishman joins Jim Blasingame to report on the many internal issues the Chinese Communist Party has to deal with, and whether they will still be in power five years from now.
Andrea Nierenberg
Andrea Nierenberg joins Jim Blasingame to recommend how to make adjustments when networking – or prospecting – to your behavior based on the personality type and energy level of the person in front of you.
Bryan Mattimore
Dan  Pfister
Bryan Mattimore and Dan Pfister join Jim Blasingame to reveal how to approach customers who’ve left you, by approaching them with new ideas that are based on what’s relevant to them today.

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