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Harry Dent

Harry S. Dent, Jr. isn’t just the face of Dent Research, he is also a bestselling author and one of the most outspoken financial editors in America who has developed a unique method for studying the global economies and providing insights to what to expect in the future.

After years of studying economics in college, Harry quickly became disillusioned and grew to find the profession itself vague and inconclusive. So he shifted his focus to the burgeoning new science of finance, where he could identify and study demographic, technological, consumer and many other trends that empowered him to begin forecasting economic changes.

Harry went on to receive his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. He then joined Bain & Company as a Fortune 100 business consultant and now heads the independent research firm Dent Research.

Since then, he’s spoken to executives, financial advisors and investors around the world about demographics and the power of identifying different trends. Harry has appeared on “Good Morning America,” PBS, CNBC and CNN, Fox News and is a regular guest on Fox Business.

He has also been featured in Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

Harry has written numerous bestselling books over the last few decades, including The Great Boom Ahead, The Demographic Cliff, and The Sale of a Lifetime.

The turn of the 2020's will mark an extremely rare convergence of low points for multiple political, economic, and demographic cycles. The result will be a major financial crash and global upheaval that will dwarf the Great Recession of the 2000's. We're facing the onset of what Dent calls "Economic Winter." His most recent book, Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage explains all those cycles which influence everything from currency valuations to election returns.. to economic growth rates in Asia to birthrates in Europe.

Today, Harry uses the same research he developed from years of hands-on business experience to offer Dent Research subscribers a positive, easy-to-understand view of the economic future in his flagship newsletter, Boom & Bust.
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