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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Skip Miller
How do you grow sales in a slow economy? Skip says it's all about asking the right questions, and he and Jim talk about what those questions are and whom you should ask.
Geary Broadnax
Do you know what a reverse merger is? Geary joins Jim to talk about how his company recently did a reverse merger, why he did it, what it take and what he expects to gain. If you're intimidated by the process of going public, a reverse merger might be for you.
Joanne Black
Are there networking opportunities during holiday activities and parties? Joanne tells Jim that there are, but you have to know how to do it the right way.
Brad Huisken
One study reports that up to 30% of small business retailers will be out of business in the next five years. Brad joins Jim to report on this research and to offer his thoughts on how to avoid being one of these casualties.
Jo Condrill
How is your gratefulness level? Jo and Jim talk about the value of being grateful for what we have and how to instill that feeling in others.
Josh Costell
When you're hiring a new salesperson for your small business, do you know the right questions to ask? Josh and Jim talk about this important event and how to conduct a successful interview so you can find the right person.
Patricia Weber
When you network, do you try to sell? Pat and Jim talk about what you should REALLY be doing when you are in a networking environment or event, and believe it or not, it's not trying to make a sale of your product or service.
Rob Jolles
How much does personality impact the selling process? Rob talks with Jim about this, whose personality is the most important, how to be prepared for different personalities, and how to blend -- not impose -- your own personality into the process.
Mike Stewart
Is selling in the 21st century different? Mike and Jim think so and they talk about how and why as they offer suggestions on how to prepare to sell successfully in this new market economy.
Geary Broadnax
Can a small business really dominate in a market sector against the big guys? Geary not only says yes, but he's proving it, as he shares with Jim in this very important interview.

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