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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Successful selling in the 21st century requires entrepreneurial thinking, and Patrick talks with Jim about some specific ways to make this happen.
Patricia Weber
What if you're an introvert, but as a small business owner, you still have to sell? Pat says introverts can make the best salespeople, and she explains why.
Brad Huisken
Motivation is the low-hanging fruit of sales management success and Brad talks with Jim about how to make sure your sales people stay motivated.
Paul Goldner
What's the difference between selling and sales negotiations? Paul joins Jim to explain why you need to be able to make the distinction.
Is your sales revenue as good as you want? Bill Byron joins Jim to talk about some of the counter-intuitive things you can do -- for your customers and yourself -- to grow sales.
Joanne Black
What are you doing to help your customers provide you with referrals? Joanne and Jim talk about how to train customers how to listen for referral clues for you and how to then turn those clues into business for you.
Josh Costell
Is "going green" in your small business' future? Josh and Jim talk about the economic benefit of thinking green as we make business and infrastructure decisions, and how we need to solve the global warming challenge with market decisions, not by government fiat.
Mike Stewart
Do you know what a mastermind group is? Have you ever been a member of a mastermind group? Mike talks with Jim about these very important professional development organizations, how they help small business owners, what they cost and how to participate.
Paul LeRoux
Can using visuals help with you make more sales in your small business? Paul says yes, and he and Jim talk about why visuals are often better than words, and how to effectively build them into your speeches and presentations.
How do we keep those 20th century selling fundamentals that still work and apply them to the 21st century selling environment? Larry talks with Jim about how to accomplish this in your small business, including the importance of proposals.

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