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Category: Sales, Sales Management

Brad Huisken
When is the right time to have a sales manager? How do you create this position and who should fill it? As Brad joins Jim, they answer these questions and more on the right way to install a sales manager.
Joanne Black
Do you sell for a living? Do you know the difference between selling with a little "s" and selling with a capital "S"? Why don't our schools teach selling? Get the answer to all these questions -- some answers may surprise you -- as Joanne talks with Jim about what selling really is.
Anders Miller
Do you know how you're going to make your sales numbers for '07? Skip does and he and Jim talk about what you must do if you're going to successfully make your sales budget.
Don Cooper
Not knowing the difference between a feature and a benefit could actually contribute to failure. That's why Don and Jim talk about how to know the difference and how to use both to your advantage. Remember, a feature is important only to you, not to your customer.
Rob Jolles
How successful are you when you make a presentation to customers? If you think you could use a little help, listen as these two presentation veterans talk about some of the 21st century presentation fundamentals and tips that will help you make better presentations and close more sales
Skip Miller
What are the keys to selling success in the 21st century. Listen in as Skip and Jim share their ideas on this topic.
Skip Miller
The best way to have a great new year in sales is to get off to a fast start in January, and Skip and Jim talk about how to make that happen, including how to get referrals.
Josh Costell
The hiring of any employees in a small business is a very important task, but especially when we're hiring sales people. Josh and Jim talk about how to conduct this process successfully.
Rob Jolles
Selling in the 21st century is different in many ways from selling in the last century, and Rob talks with Jim about how to make sure your small business is making the proper adjustments for the new century customers.
Paul Cherry
The key to having customers who are motivated to come back is to have motivated employees. Paul and Jim talk about some of the ways to motivate your employees.

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