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Category: Women and Minority Issues

Marsha talks with Jim about the state of women business ownership around the world and also in the U.S. She says that while advances have been made for women, there are still some areas that need improving.
Wilma joins Jim to talk a little bit about the new SBA Administrator, Steven Preston. They move on to talk about how the marketplace environment looks for women who own businesses as well as those who want to start a business.
Mary Cantando
Mary joins Jim to talk about the advantages (and some of the disadvantages) that women have as business owners.
Barbara Kasoff
Barbara jons Jim to report on exciting new legislation that will incent angel investors to make more capital available to small business owners.
Karen Kerrigan
As they always do, Karen and Jim celebrate small business but especially this week. Specific topics are the progress made in small business health plans and other key small business public policices.
Terry Neese
Terry joins Jim to talk about some of the important current small business public policy issues, including the status of the SBA, plus the recent progress of Small Business Health Plans in the Senate.
Kimberly Strassel
Kim joins Jim to talk about how women - as well as small business owners - are disadvantaged by current laws.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen and Jim talk about the recent progress that has been made in passing small business health plans out of committee in the Senate which will soon be voted by the full Senate. Karen and Jim agree that this is excellent legislation and encourage small businesses to contact their senators to vote for this bill. They move on to discuss the negative impact of Sarbannes- Oxley regulations on small business.
Wilma introduces Jim and his audience to Margaret Barton, the Executive Director of the National Women's Business Council, as the three of them celebrate National Women's History Month talking about the great advancements that women have achieved in the marketplace.
Ruth King
Ruth has just returned from England and she joins Jim to talk about how difficult it is to open and grow a small business in Europe. They also talk about how the culture for small business ownership in America continues to improve.

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