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Category: Women and Minority Issues

Jim Blasingame
Jim and Connie talk about her new book, "What Queen Esther Knew". They discuss who Queen Esther was and what parallels can be drawn between her story and today's world leaders.
Jim and Linda talk about how women are getting more organized in the marketplace. They discuss how Linda got started in the businessplace.
Laurel Delaney
Laurel joins Jim to talk about the possibilities exporting brings to a business. Laurel shares examples of success stories that resulted from exporting.
Catherine joins Jim for her first visit to talk about how her woman-owned business competes for government contracts, and wins. She was recognized in 2003 as an outstanding woman business owner by Office Depot.
Jim Blasingame
Connie joins Jim having just been recognized by Office Depot for leadership in the marketplace. She and Jim discuss the emerging presence in the marketplace of women business owners.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen tells Jim what the Small Business Survival Committee is doing to help women business owners. She explains how women entrepreneurialship has dramatically incresed, making it more important for women business owners to make their voices heard.
Lurita joins Jim to talk about the many awards she has won and her business, New Technology Management. They discuss how her company contributes to homeland security. Lurita explains how she started her business and how she got involved in working with the government.
Barbara talks to Jim on Valentine's Day about women in the marketplace. Barbara discusses how women's role in the marketplace has changed over the years. They talk about how many more women are becoming entrepreneurs.
Azriela Jaffe
Jim and Azriela discuss her new book, Permission to Prosper: What Working Wives Crave From Their Husbands and How to Get it, and successful women in the business world.

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