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Category: Women and Minority Issues

Nell Merlino
Nell joins Jim to talk about how her organization helps women business owners get the funding they need. Tomea and Linda talk about how Count Me In helped her start her own practice.
Deborah and Lynn join Jim to talk about the 4th Annual Office Depot Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conference. Deborah shares how she started knowing nothing about business, and then became an exceptional entrepreneur.
Jim Blasingame
Connie joins Jim to talk about the myths of which gender does what, in terms of talking and gesturing.
Mary Cantando
Mary joins Jim to talk about the growing role of women in the marketplace.
Kristin joins Jim talk about her experience as an attorney, judge, and entrepreneur. They discuss the changes regarding women in the marketplace that have taken place since she began in the late 70's.
Jim Blasingame
Connie joins Jim to discuss the hurdles women have overcome to be equal to men in the business world. They also talk about women's networking skills.
Maria joins Jim to talk about what needed to happen in order for golf to be more accommodating to women.
Jim and Taryn begin their conversation by talking about how Dr. Rose began her business. She explains why she got out of the medical field to start her business.
Jim and Wilma talk about the important strides women in the marketplace are making. They discuss what women are good at that men aren't, which is asking questions.
Rose Lee joins Jim to talk about how to get started with a business. Rose Lee talks about the issues she tackles every day on her show that mostly deal with women's issues. They also talk about how to give back to the community as a business person.

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