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Category: Women and Minority Issues

Janet Christy
What are the things women business owners need to do to have the maximum opportunity to be successful? Janet talks with Jim about how to address the unique challenges women business owners have.
Maria Coyne
Maria joins Jim to talk about how banks are helping small businesses in ways beyond loans and checking accounts.
Lois Geller
Paula Lovell
Joan Pryde
Lois, Paula and Joan join Jim to tell their survival stories and to talk about breast cancer treatment and risk factors.
Marsha joins Jim to talk about a recent survey that shows there is no "glass ceiling" for women entrepreneurs.
Kristin Arnold
Kristin talks with Jim about working with teams made up of both men and women.
Terry Neese
Terry and Jim talk about the role women should play in the public policy debate. They also talk about a new program that trains women how to enter the debate, and finally they discuss the efforts being made to help women in Afghanistan.
Wilma talks with Jim about the origins of the micro-loan program and how to get one.
Mary Cantando
Mary talks with Jim about why it's important for women who own small businesses to join organizations that promote professional and personal development, and at least one or two organizations that focus on women's issues. <br></["br"]>
Mary joins Jim to talk about the enormous opportunity available to any organization that understands how to market to baby boomer women.
Janet Christy
Janet joins Jim to talk about some 21st century perspectives for women business owners.

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