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Category: Women and Minority Issues

Ruth King
Ruth has just returned from England and she joins Jim to talk about how difficult it is to open and grow a small business in Europe. They also talk about how the culture for small business ownership in America continues to improve.
Nan Mooney
Nan joins Jim to talk about why women seem to sabatoge other women in the workplace. Jim asks Nan if the "glass ceiling" creates a pressure cooker effect for women.
Kate Kelly
Kate joins Jim on International Women's Day to talk about the status of women in the marketplace in 2006, including their ability to set their professional fees and get them.
Lynn joins Jim to talk about the upcoming 2006 Office Depot Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conference, including some of the scheduled speakers.
Leslie Grossman
Leslie and Jim discuss the challenges -- natural and self-imposed -- that women business owners have in order to grow their small businesses.
Laura joins Jim first to talk about her generation, the Gen Xers, and what managers need to know to manage this generation effectively. Charlotte joins them later to add her thoughts as a Baby Boomer.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen is one of the original members of Jim's Brain Trust and she talks about some of the projects she and her organization are working on for small business, including meetings with the presidnet as well as members of Congress.
Beverly Inman-Ebel
Beverly and Jim talk about her recent trip to Lybia (yes, that Lybia) to work with women business owners there to start and grow their ventures.
Nan Mooney
Nan and Jim discuss why women have the tendency to not only be supportive of other women in the workplace, but to actually betray their sisters. This could have turned ugly for Jim - tune in to hear how much he was able to get in touch with his feminine side.
Simeon and Jim discuss the 21st century issues facing the healthcare industry and their small business customers. Healthcare is the single greatest challenge of any growing small business, and Simeon reveals several important keys to handling this challenge. This is an important interview.

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