Wilma Goldstein

Wilma Goldstein, Director of the Office Women's Business Ownership, U.S. Small Business Administration, began a career in research, politics and teaching in Michigan. She came to Washington, DC, in 1975 to run the first survey-research operation for a national political party. She has since worked as a consultant and teacher, as well as serving on the boards of most of the women's political organizations based in DC. During the first Bush Administration, Wilma served as director of the National Women’s Business Council. It was her commitment to women’s issues and her knowledge of the SBA that brought her back to her current assignment. Wilma was the first director of the American University's Campaign Management Institute, often seen on C-SPAN, where she continues to teach and serve on its advisory board. She has also been a featured speaker, teacher and guest lecturer for many organizations, associations and Fortune 100 companies.
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