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Category: Management Fundamentals

Leslie Kossoff
Leslie joins Jim to continue their series on executive thinking. They discuss what executives at large corporations can learn from small business owners.
Jim and Stefan talk about experimentation in business and how it is essential to change and innovation.
John Dini
Jim and John talk about the current marketplace and what business owners can expect from it. They discuss the causes of state budget deficits and what they are doing to fix it.
Peter Meyer
Jim and Peter talk about search engines and how efficient they have gotten over the years. They also talk about what could be improved.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam talk about the survey his firm conducted. They discuss the changing economy and the most recent report that indicates that the economy is in a recovery.
Steve Martin
Steve joins Jim to continue their series on profitablity. They discuss the lack of pricing power. They share tips on how to grow your business through seeking efficiencies in your organization.
Kristin Arnold
Kristin explains to Jim how to get started with team building. They talk about who your team is and how it works. They go on to give tips on how to tighten up your team meetings.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Jim and Kirk talk about how businesses can get back to basics. They discuss why it is important to focus on the basics after the business attitude of the 90's.
Bill Brandt
Bill joins Jim to talk about how the tech industry is affecting the U.S. and the global economy.
Hamilton Beazley
Hamilton and Jim talk about why it is important to think about how emotional intelligence is important to long-term success.

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