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Category: Management Fundamentals

Don Sadler
Jim and Don talk about how to put your best foot forward in the marketplace through technology. They explain using how e-newsletters is an easy way to keep in touch with your customers.
Jim Houtz
Jim joins our Jim to discuss the important parts of starting a small business.
Arky Ciancutti
Arky joins Jim to talk about his book "Built on Trust". They discuss how important it is to install trust into an organization.
Steve Martin
Steve and Jim continue their series about profit improvement. They talk about why it is so tough for businesses to make a profit and give tips on how to make a profit through efficiency when you have little profit power.
Rosalene Glickman
Rosaline and Jim talk about how to go beyond positive thinking. They discuss how to give your employees the opportunity to optimize their thinking and go on to be entrepreneurs themselves.
Peter Meyer
Peter shares with Jim the results of his research about how to take a product or service to the market place. He talks about how to get your product to the market place correctly so you can succeed.
Sam Norwood
Sam and Jim talk about the results of the poll that Tatum Partners take every month. Sam talks about the positive responses that are shown in the poll and the reasons for the upturn.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk and Jim discuss how, with all the new economy buzz, the fundamentals of operating a business really haven't changed.
Rick Maurer
Rick joins Jim to talk about the politics of an organization. He talks about how to behave politically in an organization. Jim and Rick discuss how adding a degree of difficulty to the politics of your company can be a good thing.
Mary Hessler Key
Mary joins Jim to talk about coaching CEOs and business owners. They discuss that when you ask for help, it doesn't mean you aren't competitive.

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