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Category: Management Fundamentals

Georgia Donovan
Georgia joins Jim to make sure we pay attention to everything we do. She explains how to have self confidence and how that shows in how you run your business.
Jorian Clarke
Jorian Clarke joins Jim Blasingame to make sure that your business' website is ready for prime time on the small business radio program, The Small business Advocate Show.
Mary Hessler Key
Jim and Mary discuss the importance of focusing on leadership and how critical it is to the success to your small business.
Bill Brandt
Jim and Bill talk about the American economy and how it isn't as bad as some economists might think it is.
Kristin Arnold
Kristin joins Jim to talk about how communication helps build team strength in a small business. They also discuss why small business owners take advantage of their employees and how to remedy that.
Leslie Kossoff
Jim and Leslie talk about the value of executive thinking for small business owners.
Jim and Maggie talk about how to separate what you want and need from other’s demands and expectations.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Jim and Kirk talk about the influence of technology on marketing.
Jim and Paul tell some of the secrets to eliminating workplace dysfunction.
Arky Ciancutti
Jim and Arky talk about installing a culture of trust in your organization through being transparent.

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