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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Now back from Iraq, Mike joins Jim to reflect on his service there on behalf of free enterprise in the Middle East.
Ray Keating
Jim talks with Elinor and Ray about consumer confidence, the current unemployment rate, and other issues concerning small businesses and the economy.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill discuss what small business owners are doing about savings plans and how the hurricane season is affecting the national economy.
Steve Forbes
Steve helps Jim commemorate the events of September 11th, 2001. He gives his thoughts on the attacks and their effects on his life in New York and on the rest of the world.
Zoltan Acs
Jim and Zoltan discuss why small businesses need to work on the human resources issues and how to do it.
Bill Brandt
Bill joins Jim to talk about the competitive marketplace in which small businesses are competing.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim to give a report on what small business owners said about the economy last month.
Richard DeKaser
Richard and Elinor join Jim for the FED watch show and to talk about oil prices and consumer activity.
Ray Keating
Ray joins Jim to give a comparison of taxes for small business under the Bush administration vs. a Kerry administration.
Steve Forbes
Jim and Steve talk about how the topics in the speeches during the Democratic National Convention will affect small business.

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