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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Pia Orrenius
Pia, an economy expert, joins Jim to talk about the 21st century population explosion in the U.S. and what that means to the economy.
Steve Forbes
Steve joins Jim to express his views on current events in the economy. They discuss the turning economy and how it is restoring confidence in the marketplace.
Richard DeKaser
Richard joins Jim to talk about the Federal Open Market Committee's meeting and what he thinks their concerns will be.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim to talk about China and why it is important to understand how and why China is affecting the U.S. economy.
Chad Moutray
Jim and Chad talk about the research the office of advocacy has done that demonstrates the economy's effects on small business.
Charles Kadlec
Chuck joins Jim to give his view of the markets. He talks about how he believes the economy is going to improve.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim to talk about small businesses and free trade. They discuss the conflict between producers and consumers when it comes to the free trade issue.
Richard DeKaser
Elinor and Richard join Jim for the current Fed Watch show, where they discuss the economy and what the Fed is likely to do during the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill talk about a survey the FIB does to determine how the economy is going. They go on to talk about the problems in the current marketplace. They discuss what small business owners think will become of the economy.
Ray Keating
Ray, Elinor, and Jim talk about what the Federal Reserve Board is doing and what they will do at their annual meeting. They also discuss the economy and what we can expect from it.

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