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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Tom Mast
What's the best route for humans to take to reduce our reliance on carbon fuels? Tom joins Jim to talk about his (and Jim's) ideas on this topic.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill and Jim talk about what small business owners are saying about the current and near-future economy, which is pretty good, by the way. They also talk about a decision by the Fed to pursue a new inflation decision.
Sam Norwood
Checking in with his monthly report on the economic conditions of the marketplace, Sam joins Jim with good news, as reported by his 600+ partners.
Bill Dunkelberg
The economy is doing well, just not overheating, and Bill and Jim talk about some of the economic elements that small businesses are facing today.
Sam Norwood
The economy seems to be humming along, as Sam reports to Jim in his monthly survey of his partners across the country as they tell Sam how they're finding the current economic conditions in their small businesses.
Charles Fishman
Everyone has an opinion about Wal-Mart and Charles talks with Jim about some of the things he learned about this huge organization, including what small businesses need to know about them.
Ray Keating
The 110th Congress will convene with an attitude and Ray talks with Jim about whether this Congress will do things for small business, or to small business. Jim is not hopeful.
Ted Fishman
China is still a mixed bag of challenge and opportunity for the U.S., and Ted talks with Jim about whether there is any progress on the issues of doing business with, and competing against, China.
Bill Dunkelberg
The economy is doing pretty well, according to the small business owners Bill polls every month, and he and Jim talk about some of the things his respondents told him about how they're doing.
Richard DeKaser
As small business owners make plans for next year, the question is, "how is the economy doing and how will that impact my business?" Richard and Jim talk about the economic conditions in the U.S., what next year will be like, and what the Fed will do with interest rates.

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