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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Charles Kadlec
Chuck joins Jim for their 6th anniversary show to discus Chuck’s outlook on small business and the economy in 2005. They talk about the small business are impacted by global economy and what impact privatizing social security will have on the market and the market place.
Bill Dunkelberg
Dr. Dunkelberg joins Jim for his monthly visit to report on his survey of small businesses for the month of January. The news is good. Sales are up hiring is up capital is strong and small business optimism is near record levels.
Donald Boudreaux
Don joins Jim on the anniversary of the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement to talk about free trade in the current economy.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam discuss the latest Tatum Business Conditions Survey of economic conditions and speculate what the business conditions will be like in the new year.
Chad Moutray
Jim and Chad talk about the increase in the GDP and the growth in America's economy. They also talk about regulations, bills and laws that are affecting small businesses.
Bill Brandt
Jim and Bill talk about the current state of the economy, health care and then tort reform.
Ray Keating
Ray joins Jim to give a report on the SBEC's latest Small Business Survival Index and to talk about how individual states contribute to the national economy.
Steve Forbes
Steve joins Jim to talk about outsourcing and other issues in the economy that will affect small businesses.
Richard DeKaser
Richard joins Jim to discuss recent international events that will shape the U.S. economy.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill discuss the presidential debates and how the candidates are responding to economic issues.

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