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Charles Kadlec
Chuck launches his new book on Jim's show as he talks about why he things the Dow could reach 100,000 by 2020. Chuck says bull markets don't die of old age. He says they are killed by tax increases, monetary instability, and trade restrictions. This is a fascinating conversation. Don't miss it.
Paula Lovell
Paula and Sherrye have both joined Jim before, but never at the same time. The discussion focuses on the challenges and opportunities women face in the marketplace. These are special ladies with valuable perspectives.
Bob McTeer
Dr. McTeer joins Jim for the first time, and begins this visit by talking about what the Federal Reserve Board is and what it does. Bob also explains why we have regional Fed banks, how they work, and how they make the Fed a decentralized central bank. Bob explains what happens in an FOMC meeting where the decisions are make to adjust interest rates which ultimately affect the rates banks charge customers. This is information that you may only find on The Small Business Advocate show.
Gary Shilling
Gary joins Jim to discuss national and international economic issues. This visit begins with Gary talking about money, and how it is changing. Gary also explains how the new forms money is taking is changing the way economists, including the FED, are looking at the condition of the economy. They also talk about the trend of Americans to invest in the stock market instead of saving, and the changes that is creating. As always, Gary helps Jim focus on the impact of deflation on various segments of the marketplace. Examples include broker fees, many areas of technology, and telecommunication. Gary admits that there are indicators of inflation, but deflation is also alive and growing in many sectors.
Donald Boudreaux
Another FED Watch show with our regular guest during this hour, Elinor, and another member of our Brain Trust, Don. The discussion revolves around national and international economic issues, and of course, what the FED will do with regard to interest rates. Even though the FED action discussed is not news by the time you hear this Archive, the value of the general discussion Jim has as he interviews these two outstanding economists is timeless.
Paula Lovell
Elinor, who is a regular guest with Jim on the day the FED's Open Market Committee meets, helps Jim interview Paula about how the FED works and how small business can influence FED policies.
Gary Shilling
Gary talks with Jim about how deflation is replacing inflation in some market sectors, and how these forces are affecting the global economy.
George Selgin
Gary Shilling
Jim has his hands full interviewing these two Ph.D.s about national and global economic issues, including inflation, deflation, stock market fundamentals, consumer debt vs investment, and other issues.
Donald Boudreaux
Don and his organization are proponents of free trade, and he and Jim talk about the Banana Wars and other assaults on free trade in the global marketplace by governments.
Paul Davidson
Dr. Davidson talks with Jim about the mistake that would be made if the surplus the U.S. is "allegedly" experiencing. Paul makes the case for re-investing the surplus back into our economy by reducing taxes.

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