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Bill Brandt
How is the economy handling all of the challenges it's facing? Bill and Jim talk about some of the key issues small business owners are facing, plus a little bit of politics.
Sam Norwood
After he talks about what he found during his recent trip to Turkey, Sam reports on how the national economy is shaping up through the rest of the third quarter, including credit availability, order backlogs and capital spending.
Ray Keating
The U.S. economy is a mixed bag of good and bad indicators, and Ray joins Jim to talk about the various indicators and what they mean to our small businesses. They also talk about the impact of politics and policy on the market, plus what the Fed will do with rates this week.
Bill Dunkelberg
How is the economy going these days? First, Bill talks with Jim about his recent trip to eastern Europe and his impressions of that region economically. They move on to discuss Bill's most recent survey of small business owners and what they're saying about the economy.
Sam Norwood
The economy is a mixed bag these days and Sam joins Jim to report on what his partners are saying about the national economy.
Richard DeKaser
The economy is exhibiting a number of contradictory characteristics -- some good, some bad -- and Richard talks with Jim about what we should expect to happen over the next few months, including interest rates, housing, consumer spending and trade.
Bill Dunkelberg
The economy isn't breaking any records, but it does seem to be hanging in there, and Bill talks with Jim about how the economy is doing this month and what it's going to look like the rest of the year for our small businesses.
Sam Norwood
The economy appears to be slowing down and Sam joins Jim to talk about where we're stuck, how long this is going to last, and what small business owners should be doing about it.
Bill Dunkelberg
The economy continues to languish and Bill talks with Jim about why and whether we should be concerned. They also talk about what the Fed will do with rates in the FOMC meeting. <br></["br"]>
William Conerly
How does a small business owner make plans for the future with all of the conflicting economic information? Bill talks with Jim about how to manage all of this effectively and make good decisions.

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