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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Art Kleiner
When we send petro-dollars to the middle east, what are they being spent on these days? Art Kleiner talks with Jim Blasingame about how the countries in the middle east are directing their wealth toward growing diversified economies that will thrive after the oil is gone.
Patrick Byrne
What's in store for the economy in the future? Patrick Byrne joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the current economic conditions and what we can expect in the future. Buckle up, because Patrick is not a optimistic about the long-term economic situation as Jim is.
Donald Boudreaux
Is globalization good or bad? Don Boudreaux talks with Jim Blasingame about the history of globalization and the impact of the 21st century version of this phenomenon. And of course, these two can't have a visit without invoking the timeless wisdom of Bastiat.
Bill Brandt
What does Hillary have to do to win the Democrat nomination? Bill Brandt is a well-connected Democrat adviser and he talks with Jim Blasingame about the current party competition and the challenge ahead of Hilary. They also talk about Bill's new responsibility in helping to preserve and grow jobs in Illinois.
Nicole Gelinas
Are we endanger of having capitalism becoming criminalized? Nicole Gelinas talks with Jim Blasingame about the dangers of the courts and our government responding to every lapse in ethics and flair-up of greed with new regulations, laws and lawsuits, and how all of this could result in the slow death of capitalism.
Bill Dunkelberg
How's the economy REALLY doing? Bill Dunkleberg talks with Jim Blasingame about his most recent survey of small businesses and what they told him about the economy they're experiencing.
William Conerly
You're probably planning for an economic slowdown, but are you also planning for an upturn? Bill Conerly and Jim Blasingame discuss some of the things you should be doing to make sure you're ready for a slower economy, but they also talk about not being surprised when your economy starts getting better.
Sam Norwood
How is the economy looking? Sam joins Jim with a report on what his national partners are saying the economy look like to them and it's not pretty. Tatum now puts the chance of at least one negative growth quarter at 75%.
Bob McTeer
How is the Fed doing managing the economy? Bob talks with Jim about the job the Fed is doing as it faces a number of national and global challenges.
Gary Moore
Is Wall Street the tail wagging Main Street's dog? Gary and Jim discuss this and what you and I should think about the economic challenges the global economy is facing.

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