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Category: Technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Ed Yourdon
Ed talks with Jim about what is in store for us when the clock strikes midnight on 1.1.00, and what we should be doing to prepare for this event.
Wally Bock
Wally talks to Jim first about computer viruses (Melissa), how the perpetrator was found, how to prevent being harmed by viruses, and the increasing tension between privacy and security. They wrap up the visit talking about technological convergence.
Mary talks with Jim about how to manage all of the technological capability in our lives, plus how to market your business on-line, including how to work with search engines and directories.
Ken Leebow
Ken talks with Jim about where to go on-line for what you need, including, much to Jim's incredulity, Beanie Babies.
Jim Blasingame
Bob and Jim talk about how to grow your business by developing an online presence. Bob offers some statistics about how people find you online. They also talk about online marketing. And they talk to a caller who asks if you should take advantage of the free websites to get started. The caller also asks how to get placed high on search engines. Bob really provides great answers to both of these.
Jim Blasingame
Bob is one of our leading experts on the Internet. Bob and Jim also discuss the advantages of using email for communication. They move on to talk about the primary reasons people use the Internet.

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