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Category: Technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Alan Freedman
Alan joins Jim to talk about the bad things that technology has to offer. They begin by talking about SPAM in your email. They talk about filters and other ways to manage it. They go on to talk about broadband and what it would meant to the economy if more people used it.
Jim and Peggy discuss how to find web designers who will help business owners make a professional website. Peggy explains why it is important to interview several designers and hire a professional designer.
Jim and Sandra talk about how to manage your small business' website. They discuss how to change website content quickly and efficiently. Sandra and Jim discuss how anyone can build a website without being a technical wizard.
Ken Leebow
Ken Joins Jim to talk about how people are getting more and more involved with the internet. They talk about how the internet has changed and how people are using it now.
Wally Bock
Wally and Jim talk about how small businesses can compete with the big guys by going head to head with them.
Tim Berry
Tim joins Jim to talk about the continuum between strategy and planning and the relationship between the two.
Jorian Clarke
Jim and Jorian discuss how to maximize online penetration and some different ways of getting your small business' message out.
Anita Rosen
Anita shares with Jim how to build communities online in order to create opportunities in your business. They discuss the idea for e-business and the technology needed for it.
Jim and Bob talk about hybrid vehicles and what they mean to the environment and consumers.
Alan Freedman
Alan joins Jim to talk about new technology in 2003. They discuss flat-screen monitors and larger ones and how they are getting cheaper. Alan explains the importance of flat-screens in the office.

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