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Category: Networking

Andrea Nierenberg
Andrea talks with Jim about the importance of following up once a networking contact is made, and how to do that.
Ivan Misner
Ivan begins his visit with Jim by giving a clinic on how to grow an organization organically. Then they move on to disspell some of the myths of networking.
Glenn Llopis
Glenn and Jim talk about how to do a better job of aligning your networking activity with customer profiling. They also talk about why you should be profiling those prospects who will be the most likely to be good customers for your small business.
Ivan Misner
Ivan talks with Jim about what he's learned about networking internationally, including the sharing of business cards, shaking hands, etc.
Ken Leebow
Ken joins Jim to talk about how to leverage various Internet resources to gain a competitive advantage and grow your small business.
Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar and Jim Blasingame talk about how micropreneurs can expand their spheres of influence by networking and serving their networks during an interview on The Small Business Advocate Show.
Andrea Nierenberg
Andrea and Jim talk about the importance of being aware in order to be a successful networker, and to remind you that in networking, it's not all about you.
Keith Ferrazzi
Keith joins Jim to talk about the best ways to make long-lasting connections with the human beings you meet and do business with.
Ivan Misner
Ivan joins Jim to talk about how to grow your business by becoming a center of influence.
Ivan Misner
Ivan and Jim talk about some of the things NOT to do if you want to become a successful networker.

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