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Category: Family Businesses and Partnerships

Paul introduces the story of his company that was founded by the children of the holocaust survivors and grew from a family business to the largest provider of none-dues revenue projects for chamber of commerce.
Ellen and Jim celebrate Family Business Week by talking about some of the secrets of success of family businesses, including having the children go to work somewhere else before they join the family firm full time.
Rod Kurtz
Rod small business editor at joins Jim to discuss a recent report on family businesses including succession issues and 21st century influences.
Ellen joins Jim to discuss how to overcome differences in your family business.
Jim and Frank speak about research results concerning family businesses.
Lidia Bastianich
Lidia joins Jim for the first time to discuss how to hold family business meetings.
David Gage
Jim and David discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of small business partnerships.
Dr. Frankenberg joins Jim to talk about the extra degree of difficulty that is added to a small business operation when family members are directly involved. One of the tools Ellen offers is to follow the "straight line" method of communicating, which is to deal directly with the person involved, rather than relying on a third individual to relay information. They move on to talk about "family norms".
Ellen talks with Jim about the dynamics and the baggage that are part of a family owned business, and how to deal with all of this as members of your company, and managers of this business as it competes in the marketplace.
Ellen helps Jim discuss how to manage working with your family, with all the business stress, and then share in family settings with these same people. The challenge is to be able to partition the two areas of your life so that you can be productive and successful in the business, and civil and loving in the family circle. Ellen provides tools that will help you leave the business at the office, especially during the holidays.

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