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Category: Family Businesses and Partnerships

Brother Blackburn
A perspective on the American automobile industry from a home-town dealer. Brother Blackburn lays it on the line in his visit with Jim Blasingame as he broadcasts live at the Vicksburg, MS Chamber. Later in the interview, they're joined by Christy Kilroy and they talk about the value of a chamber of commerce.
Guy Hinkler
Can you grow your business by sharing the success? Guy Hinkler talks with Jim Blasingame about the keys to his company's success, including sharing ownership and the power of outsourcing. He also offers a few technology success tips.
Michael Stallard
What can you do to keep your employees engaged in their work? Michael Stallard talks with Jim Blasingame about three things you can ask your teams that will identify the engagement answer.
Sona Mehring
Here is a 21st century way to share information about an illness. Sona Mehring talks with Jim Blasingame about how she created and has grow her non-profit website resource which allows family and friends to stay informed -- and leave messages -- when someone is going through an illness or other personally difficult time.
David Gage
Should you look for partners or employees in order to grow your business? David Gage talks with Jim Blasingame about the difference between working with these two categories of stakeholders in your business.
Tim Berry
What does it take to successfully hand over the small business you founded to one of your children? Tim Berry has done this and he talks with Jim about how to do it. They also talk about small business development in Mexico, as well as what Tim has learned as a business plan judge.
David Gage
Would you consider your family business to be high-functioning? David Gage talks with Jim Blasingame about the work he does with family businesses, including one case story about a dysfunctional family and how he fixed it.
David Gage
Do you know how to begin a partnership? David joins Jim to talk about how to begin a partnership correctly so that you have the maximum opportunity to be successful.
David Gage
What should you do when a conflict arises between business partners -- including family -- that you can't resolve. David talks with Jim about this and explains how mediation could be the answer.
Jeff Rothfeder
Would you like to know the secrets of success of a 150 year-old family business? Jeff joins Jim to talk about the folks who create Tabasco sauce, the McIlhenny family, and how they've survived multiple generations of ownership.

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