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Category: Economy: Nation, Global

Gary Shilling
Gary starts out by explaining where he thinks the economy is at the current time. Jim and Gary go on to talk about where they think it is going.
Ray Keating
Elinor gives a run down on the current economy. Ray discusses inflation and the other uncertainties in the economy. Jim, Elinor, and Ray talk about what they think the FED is going to do with the economy.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill talk about new information about the attitude of small business owners in February. They discuss why optimism in the industry is down.
Richard DeKaser
This segment is about the Federal Open Market Committee meeting at the beginning of the year. First, Elinor and Jim discuss how the economy looks to the committee and productivity. Richard focuses on the relationship of consumers and businesses.
Richard DeKaser
In the first part of this segment, Richard discusses businesses being reluctant to invest in the economy. Richard and Jim talk about consumer spending in the U.S. compared to Japan. Elinor and Jim talk about consumer spending and deflation.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim at the beginning of 2003 to discuss the economic progress of women.
Bob McTeer
Where else can you go to hear a member of the Federal Open Market Committee talk about how the Federal Reserve Board operates. Don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the Fed insiders talk about he and his organization looks at the economy, small business, inflation, and interest rates. Bob McTeer is not your grandfather's economist. He's a no-nonsense, plain English guy. Don't miss this conversation.
Charles Kadlec
Chuck launches his new book on Jim's show as he talks about why he things the Dow could reach 100,000 by 2020. Chuck says bull markets don't die of old age. He says they are killed by tax increases, monetary instability, and trade restrictions. This is a fascinating conversation. Don't miss it.
Paula Lovell
Paula and Sherrye have both joined Jim before, but never at the same time. The discussion focuses on the challenges and opportunities women face in the marketplace. These are special ladies with valuable perspectives.
Bob McTeer
Dr. McTeer joins Jim for the first time, and begins this visit by talking about what the Federal Reserve Board is and what it does. Bob also explains why we have regional Fed banks, how they work, and how they make the Fed a decentralized central bank. Bob explains what happens in an FOMC meeting where the decisions are make to adjust interest rates which ultimately affect the rates banks charge customers. This is information that you may only find on The Small Business Advocate show.

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