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Category: Customer Care

Ken Blanchard
Ken joins Jim to talk about his new book <i>Customer Mania!</i> and the journey to create great customers that inspired this book.
JoAnna Brandi
JoAnna shares some tips with Jim on how to take care of your customers so they want to continue doing business with you.
Jack Mitchell
Broadcasting live from the <br>Dolce Norwalk Center For Leadership And Innovation in Norwalk, Connecticut, Jim and Jack talk about how to provide exceptional customer service.</["br"]>
Lois Geller
Jim and Lois discuss how small business owners typically don't have a real budget for marketing and why it is important to have one.
JoAnna Brandi
Jim and JoAnna discuss how to get your customers to give you feedback on the service you provide them.
Jorian Clarke
Jorian Clarke joins Jim Blasingame to explain how to make customers happy by giving them what they want during an interview on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Ben McConnell
Ben joins Jim to talk about how "blogs" help humanize your organization to your customers and prospects.
Bob Negen
Bob joins Jim to talk about how to compete with big business by building relationships with your customers.
Lois Geller
Lois joins Jim share ideas about how to put your customers first in your marketing and advertising.
JoAnna Brandi
JoAnna joins Jim to talk about the importance of recognizing that you are setting the culture of your business.

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