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Category: Communicating

Beverly Inman-Ebel
Jim and Beverly talk about why you should not be afraid to say you are a salesperson.
Phyllis joins Jim to talk about how to identify and resist "time thieves."
Steven Gaffney
Steven and Jim discuss honest communication and how it can benefit your organization.
Karen Cortell Reisman
Karen helps Jim solve the Equation for Change during her visit. They discuss the importance of moving forward with your small business.
Phyllis and Jim answer the question, "What's in a name?" They talk about what to do if your business name is not intuitive.
Beverly Inman-Ebel
Beverly joins Jim to talk about publishing a book in order to grow your business. They talk about how everyone has a book inside them that is worth sharing with someone else.
Jo Condrill
Jim and Jo talk about her designation of a "wise woman". They go on to talk about how business owners can anticipate change.
Jim and Phyllis talk about how important it is to use all five senses. They discuss how sight is used initially, but the rest of the senses do come into play.
Beverly Inman-Ebel
Jim and Beverly talk about women entrepreneurs and what Beverly and NAWBO are doing to help women in the business world.
Jo Condrill
Jim discusses with Jo how to improve communication skills to better serve your customers. They also talk about how to interpret body language with associates and customers. Jo gives some tips on how to provide excellent customer service.

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