Phyllis Martin

Phyllis Martin has written numerous articles and eight books. Authors Guild has made the fifteenth printing of her best-selling Word Watcher’s Handbook available through the print-on-demand technology of The book is also available at many libraries nationwide.

Phyllis is a former employment counselor for The Proctor & Gamble Company and a long-time columnist for The Cincinnati Post.

Currently she does a three-minute feature on word watching twice weekly for public radio station WMKV. Those segments can be heard through either or

Phyllis contends that command of the language leads to success in business.
Category: Communicating

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You know how you cringe sometimes when someone says -- or pronounces -- a word that you know is not correct? Well, Phyllis joins Jim to talk about some of those words and how to use her ideas to make sure you don't cause others to cringe.
Listen to Phyllis as she joins Jim to talk about the importance of using proper grammar as well as the correct words.
There are important words small business owners and their employees should use -- and not use -- and Phyllis joins Jim to talk about some of them.