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Category: Banking, Investors, Capital

Mike joins Jim on his first visit to the show and talks about how banks are expanding services so they are more valuable and helpful to their customers, and how that provides an opportunity for his company. Mike and Jim use the Clarke American model to identify how small businesses should look at their customer relationships.
Nino joins Jim for the first time to talk about what bankers are doing to recruit new customers and keep existing customers coming back. They go on to talk about how Clarke American has been successful in responding to significant changes in their industry.
Mike Menzies
Jim and Mike discuss how small businesses and banks are going to get together regarding intellectual properties and intangible assets.
Mike Menzies
Mike joins Jim to talk about small business banking issues.
Gary Moore
Jim and Gary take a spiritual look at interest rates and the 2004 presidential election.
Bob McTeer
Bob joins Jim to give a Mid-cycle FED report and talk about the growth of the GDP.
Richard DeKaser
Mike Menzies
Two of the top bankers in the Brain Trust, Richard and Michael, join Jim for the Fed Watch show when they talk about the national economy.
Gary Moore
Jim and Gary talk about the world events that might affect investing and whether or not it is a good idea to invest in the stock market right now.
Ron Peterson
Ron joins Jim to give a report on technology transfer opportunities. They talk about what it is, and how to move throught the process.
Mike Menzies
Mike shares with Jim some fresh ideas for small business banking.

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