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Mike Menzies
Mike and Jim talk about the economy from an agricultural part of the country. They discuss how the country is anticipating something happening in the economy.
Bob Manning
Bob gives Jim his perspective on what is going on in the economy. They also talk about how larger corporations are handling a large ammount of employees.
Gary Moore
Jim and Gary discuss President Bush's State of the Union Address and the economy's reaction to it.
Mike Menzies
Mike joins Jim to discuss what 2003 will bring to the economy and the global climate. They forecast what might happen in Iraq in the coming year.
Tim Berry
Mike Menzies
Our Brain Trust's resident business planning expert and our resident banking expert join Jim to talk about the importance of your business plan in a successful relationship with your banker. The guys what banks need, and how developing a business plan will help you get that information to your banker. This is a very valuable conversation that you might not find anywhere else. Don't miss this one.
Mike Menzies
Mike is our resident independent banker. He joins Jim often to talk about how to have the maximum opportunity to be successful with your banking relationship. Jim asks Mike about the future of independent banks in light of all the consolidation in the financial industry. They also talk about how technology and the new economy will affect banking and the way we do business with them. The guys also talk about how to work with your banker when you are having a problem meeting your obligations to them. They also discuss how your bank can help you grow your business.
Mike Menzies
Mike and Jim talk about how to have a successful relationship with your banker. Mike talks about the importance of having a vision, and being able to convey that vision to your banker. The guys discuss one of the best ways to accomplish this: the business plan. They also talk about the "Cs" of credit, which are indicators your banker uses to decide whether to extend credit to you and your business.
Rick Pinion
In this archive, Jim and Rick discuss some of the steps required to take your company public.
Harold and Jim discuss developing and maintaining good relationships with banks.
Harold and Jim discuss the realities and fundamentals of acquiring investment capital for small businesses, including Angel Investors.

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