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Category: Banking, Investors, Capital

Tim Berry
Jim interviews Tim and Harold about where to go for business capital and how to get it, including working with banks and Angel investors. The guys also discuss some aspects of business planning.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to explain how the financial planning industry works, including the various types of financial planners, their designations and credentials, and how each of them work with you and how you should work with them. They take a caller who asks a question about annuities. Another caller asks a question about Roth IRAs. Rick's answers are excellent. Rick and Jim also talk about the special investment assistance small business owners need, since their personal and company financial resources are often difficult to differentiate.
Harold and Jim talk about software programs that allegedly help you get a bank loan. Harold says to spend your money on quality business planning software, and your time developing a good plan. They also talk about some of the financial resources to check out as you seek non-bank debt and equity funding for your small business.

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