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Category: Work-Life, Balance

Floyd Hurt
When Floyd and Jim get together, it's a wild ride. But they do get down to business and talk about the value of curiosity and the importance of being aware. Oh, and one more thing: Floyd explains the meaning of life.
Steve Chandler
Steve joins Jim to talk about the importance of discipline and responsibility in the success of our lives and our businesses. Steve and Jim discuss how valuable a good attitude is in your quest for success, which leads them to a discussion of how to deal with change.
Kelle Olwyler
Kelle talks about a topic that Jim thinks is very important, the heroes among us. As you may know, for a long time Jim has told the world that small business owners are the modern day heroes. The discussion revolves around what makes a hero and the concept of courage, and how to have, and how to identify business courage. They also talk about how we define our heroes today.
Marc Allen
Marc is one of Jim's most favorite motivational guests. During this visit, Marc recommends some books that will help you manage the stress in your life. But this is not just a book review. Marc always shares some great perspectives, including how to meditate during a busy day.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Cherie joins Jim to complete their discussion of the last five "Rules For Being Human". Every visit with Cherie is special. Don't miss this one.
Jim Ballard
Jim Ballard talks with our Jim about intuition, and how to train your intuition. Their discussion includes the difference between instinct and intuition. And since there are no women around to argue with them, the guys talk about how women don't have the franchise on intuition. It's a rare moment.
Noah St. John
Noah joins Jim for another visit to discuss Success Anorexia (a condition that Noah identified), what it is, how it affects us, and how to cure ourselves of it. Noah agrees with Jim when he says that EVERYONE has Success Anorexia at least a little. They also talk about three simple facts about success that almost everyone ignores.
Gary Moore
Gary always has an uplifting message to help us "reintegrate" spiritual and ethical thinking into our market activities. Gary says one of our challenges is how to sort through all of the information that is available today and find the wisdom. One of the things Gary shares with Jim is how to put our national debt ($5 trillion) in perspective with our national assets ($50 Trillion).
Marc Allen
Marc and Jim talk about how to live a visionary life. They begin by talking about how to define success in the healthiest way, which is to say, not just about stuff, and how to blend this attitude into our business pursuits. Marc shares how his mentors helped him to be successful without being consumed by his business.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Chérie is the person who developed the Rules For Being Human that have been circulating since the 1970s. In her first visit with Jim, they discuss her new book based on these rules. This is a special visit with a special lady.

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