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Category: Work-Life, Balance

Nancy Rosanoff
Nancy shares with Jim how to use intuition to improve all of our relationships.
Rick Maurer
Jim and Rick talk about change and a survey about change in small business, government, and other places.
Jim Ballard
James shares some tips with Jim on how to free yourself up by delegating more tasks to your employees.
Floyd Hurt
Jim and Floyd talk about what motivates and keeps small business owners going.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Cherie, one of the show's leading entrepreneurs, joins Jim to talk about women emerging in the marketplace and the success of women as entrepreneurs.
Renee Grant-Williams
Renee joins Jim during flu season to give some tips on using your voice to captivate, persuade, and command attention even when you might be sick.
Tom Asacker
Tom joins Jim to talk about the strength of small business, the human connection.
Jim Donovan
Jim joins our Jim to talk about the importance of gaining and maintaining balance in your life.
Jon Gordon
Jon, the energy addict, joins Jim as they share tips on how to increase physical and mental energy.
Rosalene Glickman
Rosaline joins Jim to talk about how negative thinking <i>can</i> help small business owners.

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