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Category: Mobile Computing & Telecommunication

Jeff Zbar
Are you ready for mobile in the cloud? Jeff Zbar joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what your future will be like as mobile and cloud computing continue to converge into the platforms that will dominate our future.
Anita Rosen
Mobile computing will dominate your future. Anita Rosen joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the power and inevitability of mobile computing in your future and encourage you to adapt your online strategy to serve mobile prospects.
Anita Rosen
Have you defined what you want your web strategy to accomplish? Anita Rosen joins Jim Blasingame to ask if you have a goal for your web strategy and to recommend tools to use to execute a strategy and then monitor it.
Deltina Hay
How many mobile ad words are you buying? Deltina Hay joins Jim Blasingame to talk about establishing an online marketing strategy that includes mobile ad words, and why they're different from other ad words.
Deltina Hay
What's the difference between a mobile website and mobile optimized? Deltina Hay joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the reasons why your web strategy must include having your website mobile optimized, which is the same as a mobile site.
Jim Blasingame
Mobile wasn't any part of your past, but will dominate your future. Jim Blasingame reveals several reasons why mobile computing is changing expectations of customers and why you're future will be tied to your mobile strategy.
Catherine Kaputa
How many screens does your message reach? Catherine Kaputa joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the many different screens viewed by customers today and recommend way to reach them there.
David Chen
Don't make these web-development mistakes. David Chen joins Jim Blasingame to reveal several mistakes businesses make when setting up a website, including too much clutter and too many clicks.
David Chen
Should your main website be mobile ready or should you have a mobile site? David Chen joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the trend toward more online activity being on mobile devices and how to create a mobile-ready website strategy.
Ross Nelson
Ross Nelson joins Jim Blasingame to discuss why Cox Business partners with local chambers and Bloomberg TV to support small businesses, plus how data services help businesses be more efficient and productive.

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