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Richard Berman
Rich Berman joins Jim Blasingame to recommend customizing a press release and sending individual ones to local media, instead of a broad distribution.
Richard Berman
Richard Berman joins Jim Blasingame to share some of his insights into what motivated him to talk with business owners when they were looking to connect with the media and press.
Robert Bly
Bob Bly joins Jim Blasingame to offer suggestions on how to allocate your time, talent and funds toward a successful marketing plan.
Robert Bly
Bob Bly joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the cycles small business owners get in with regard to their marketing activity, and how to become disciplined to always be marketing.
Ilise Benun
Ilise Benun joins Jim Blasingame to discuss four ways to spot a bad customer.
Bob Fischer
Bob Fischer joins Jim Blasingame to reveal investment tips and; practices that will help you see and prepare your portfolio for the next bear market.
Joel Libava
Joel Libava joins Jim Blasingame to report on the state of the franchise industry, including if he's seeing any discounting of fees to encourage new franchisees prospects.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame talks about how to balance using the power and productivity of cloud computing with getting in face-to-face with customers when the time is right.
Ken Gronbach
Generation Y has a different relationship with cars than their elders. Ken Gronbach joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how Millennials will impact the auto industry and related industries, as they have a different attitude about cars.
Jonathan Godfrey
Do you need a curved screen phone? Jonathan Godfrey joins Jim Blasingame to report that the only apparent purpose of a curved screen is the ergonomics of holding it, not for viewing.

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