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Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to talk about a number of issues, including the "alleged" federal budget surplus. They move on to talk about a bill in Congress that allows satellite TV broadcasters to be able to carry local stations. Jim gets on his soap box about a proposed minimum wage hike. Another topic of discussion is bankruptcy trends, and what Congress is working on to change bankruptcy laws. Joan reports that Kiplinger predicts the Internet will be a big player in Campaign 2000, including what that will look like.
Joan Pryde
Joan and Jim review the most recent Kiplinger Letter, beginning with Merger Mania and how that affects small business, including how to benefit from all of the consolidation, instead of being harmed. They move on to talk about other topics including on-line opportunities to purchase cars that are in the works. They also talk about import/export issues related to the exchange relationship between the dollar and the Japanese Yen. Another topic they discuss is new developments in drugs that will help Alzheimer's patients. Finally, they discuss spam, and a little bit about politics.
Joan Pryde
Joan is a weekly guest on the show, and she and Jim cover the most recent Kiplinger Washington Letter. In this interview, Jim and Joan spend most of the visit discussing telecommunications issues, plus a little bit on the stock market, and other topics.
Austin Kiplinger
Gary was our regular Kiplinger correspondent in 1998, and he and Jim were joined by Mr. Kiplinger, the son of the founder, on his 80th birthday, and near the 75th anniversary of the Kiplinger Washington Letter. This was a very special interview as Mr. Kiplinger shared some of his thoughts on the 20th Century marketplace, politics, and the world in general. This is definitely a classic. Don't miss it.

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