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Ed Yourdon
Do you know what Web 2.0 means? Ed and Jim talk about this reality of our global marketplace and why small businesses need to know what it means for their future.
Joel Barker
What is the key to the future success of the U.S.? Joel says it's improving our education system and he and Jim talk about some ideas for accomplishing this. And they also talk about dirt. That's right -- dirt. Only on the Small Business Advocate Show.
Joel Barker
What does China hold for America's future? Joel talks with Jim about some of the challenges he sees in America's future as a result of outsourcing to China, plus he reveals a few new developments that could revolutionize our world.
Tom Mast
What will it take for the U.S. to wean itself off of carbon fuels? Tom talks with Jim about this and provides his thoughts on our future with petroleum.
Gerald Celente
The trend tracking expert of the Brain Trust, Gerald Celente, is back to talk with Jim about some of the things he sees in our future.
Daniel Burrus
What does Web 2.0 mean for small businesses? Dan talks with Jim about some specific activities we can do to take advantage of the new Web capability, as well as some perspectives on how we should think about technology in our future.
Joel Barker
What does the 21st century hold for entrepreneurs? Well, the answer may be found in an experiment that began in the 20th century, and Joel joins Jim to explain.
Gerald Celente
Gerald joins Jim to give him another dose of his views of how things are going. Caution: Gerald can come across as a little cynical, and he and Jim don't always agree. Don't miss this one.
Jorian Clarke
You've heard about Web 2.0, well Jorian Clarke talks with Jim Blasingame about Web 3.0 and explains how small businesses can use it right now to reach and serve customers better during an interview on the small business radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Peter Meyer
It is possible for small businesses to create and dominate new markets, but not without understanding a few guidelines. Peter joins Jim to talk about some of the key guidelines necessary to be a dominant small business.

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